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How to sell a product and deduct inventory from another product


Sell a product in Retail POS made up of different products within your product list (composite product). Selling a composite product will deduct inventory from the different products within your product list, that the composite product is made up of. 


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC 


  1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products
  2. Click Add Product
  3. Add general information about your composite product such as Name and Description
  4. Under Inventory, select Composite Product
  5. Add products to your composite product that you want to deduct inventory from
  6. Set the quantity for how many you wish to deduct
  7. Set the additional fields such as Tax, Price and Loyalty
  8. Click Save

Additional Information

  • Composite products can deduct fractional inventory
  • More information on adding composite products can be found here

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