How to reset customers' loyalty to 0.00 in bulk


Using a CSV file import to reduce multiple customers' loyalty balance to 0.00 


  • Vend on Mac or PC
  • Open Office on Mac or PC


If you haven't already, download Open Office for free here

Export customer(s) to be adjusted as a CSV file

  1. Navigate to Customers -> Customers
  2. Use the filters to locate the customer(s) to be adjusted
  3. Click Export List to download a CSV template

Adjust customer(s) loyalty on the CSV file

  1. Open the customer list CSV and rename it as CSV1
  2. Add a new column with the heading loyalty_adjustment
  3. Open a new blank CSV file (name it CSV2)
  4. Copy the loyalty balance from CSV1 into CSV2
  5. In CSV2, navigate to Edit > Find & Replace
  6. Search for .+
  7. Replace with =-1*&
  8. Enable Regular Expressions
  9. Search in Values
  10. Click Replace All; all values should now be negative the loyalty balance
  11. Copy the column from CSV2 and paste it into the loyalty_adjustment column in CSV1
  12. Save the file as a CSV


Import the CSV into Vend

  1. Navigate to Customers -> Customers
  2. Click Import Customers
  3. Click Choose a File to Upload...
  4. Locate and select the CSV file you created earlier
  5. Click Continue with Import

Once the import has been processed, you will receive a confirmation notification in the notification dropdown on the top right of your Vend screen. 

If successful, the message should read: "Your import of customer has completed: none were added, X were updated and none were ignored."

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