How to adjust a loyalty balance


To add or remove loyalty points from customers in the event of duplicate accounts or incorrect accrual/deduction of loyalty points.

Create a 'loyalty points' product and sell this to the customer in a new sale.


Vend for Mac or PC


Creating your loyalty points product

  1.  Create a new product called 'Custom Loyalty Points'
  2.  Give it $0 supply price and retail price
  3.  Give it a 0% tax rate
  4.  Inventory tracking is optional
  5.  Give the product a custom loyalty of $1 when sold

Assigning the loyalty to your customer

  1.  Create a new sale
  2.  Search and assign the customer
  3.  Add your 'Custom Loyalty Points' product
  4.  Change the quantity of the product to the amount of loyalty dollars you wish to add/remove
  5.  Click 'Cash' as the payment type 

Additional Information

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