Changing a Payment on a Sale Using the Vend Sales Ledger

Vend's Change Payment feature allows you to change the payment type and date of a payment on your Sales Ledger. There are certain situations where you may need to do this such as:

  • When your retail terminal is not connected;
  • When an incorrect payment type has been applied to a sale; and
  • When there is an outage at your store.

Editing payment details can be processed against the following transaction types:

  • Voided Returns
  • Voided Sales
  • On Account Sales
  • Closed Sales
  • Parked Sales
  • Returns
  • Parked Returns
  • Laybys

To learn how to change a payment type on a sale, follow the steps below:

1. Head to your Sales Ledger and click on the sale to expand it. Make a note of the payment details (including time and date).

2. Click on the pencil icon next to the payment entry.

3. A screen will pop up where you will be able to change the payment type and the payment date. Doing this will reverse the previous payment type and replace it your selection. Once you have selected the correct payment type, click Replace.

Note: You will be unable to select loyalty, store credit or gift cards as a payment type.

4. You will be taken back to the record of your sale where you will notice that the previous payment type has been deleted and replaced.

Finish You will now have the correct payment type recorded against your sale.

Additional Information

If you are unable to see the pencil icon, you will need to log in as an Admin to be able to change the payment type. Alternatively, the Admin can change the permission settings to allow a Cashier or Manager to edit sales on Sales Ledger.

User Roles and Permissions in Vend

For more information about the Vend Sales Ledger, check out this article.

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