Register Closures with your WorldPay Terminal

The end of business hours cash up or Z-report in Vend is called a Register Closure. This process is performed at the end of each day’s trade so that it lines up with store hours, cash floats, and timing for terminal batching. For more information on how to perform a register closure, check out this article.

The article below will talk you through how to perform a register closure with your Worldpay terminal.

At the end of business hours, when you close your register in Vend, you will need to deal with any discrepancies between what you physically count and what Vend recorded. The money counted will then be taken to be banked.

In practice, closing the register involves printing a terminal batch report (as a receipt), and clicking Close on your register in Vend. You will then see this screen, which shows what Vend counted for the day:

You will then have to compare the Expected amount, what is Counted in cash and the total from your terminal batch report from the Worldpay section to determine your sales using your Worldpay terminal.

If there are Differences, you will need to head to your Sales History report in Vend to view what payments were taken for the day. This is in order to find where the money was either not recorded, or recorded wrongly, and to then correct it.

It is at this point that you will also be able to add a Register Closure Note to send to your management. In this note, you can report any discrepancies, as well as add any other information important to the business such as how many people visited the store that day.