Merge Customer Groups Using a CSV File

When working with Customer Groups in your Vend store, there may be times where you may want to merge one customer group with another. This may be because you no longer need one group but still wish to offer discounts to those customers by adding them into another group.

To learn how to merge customer groups, you will need to export the customer group as a CSV file. The best way to do this is through Open Office.

Follow the steps below to learn how to merge a customer group with another using a CSV file.

1. Go to Customers -> Groups.

2. Once here, click on View Customers for the group you wish to merge.

3. Click Export List. The customer group list will open in Open Office if Open Office is set as your default CSV editor.

4. In the customer group field on your CSV, change the customer group to the customer group you wish to merge this list of customers into.

5. Save the file.

6. Head back into your Customer Group page (Customers -> Groups.).

7. Click on View Customers of the group you wish to merge the CSV file into.

8. Click on Import Customers -> Import with CSV. This should then merge the customer groups from one to the other.

9. Delete the customer group you have merged to ensure that there are no duplicates.


If your customer groups aren't merged, you will be able to change the customer group for each customer individually. If you have many customers in your store, to save time, contact your Support Team who will be able to help you further.

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