Non-Integrated (manual) Payment Type Setup

For payment providers that are not currently integrated with Vend, you can use a non-integrated payment type.

Non-integrated card payments require you to manually enter the payment amount into the card terminal and process the payment, then confirm in Vend that the payment is accepted, in order to close the sale. 

Using Vend, you can use any credit card/EFTPOS card payment terminal as a non-integrated stand-alone terminal. To use this, create a button for the payment type by navigating to Setup-> Payment Types and selecting Add Payment Type.


You can even create more than one payment button for each payment type, for example, Credit Card - Visa, Credit Card - AMEX, Credit Card - Mastercard.

This will allow you to better track your payments in reporting and register closures.

Once you've chosen and named your new payment type click Save Payment Type. A button will now appear for this payment type on the payment screen the next time you process a sale.

You will then need to separately set up your card payment terminal using the directions that came with the terminal. When the time comes to take payment, you can process the payment using the terminal and hit the corresponding payment button in Vend.

  More Information

For more information on payment types, refer to our Integrated Payments Setup guide.

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