Set a Static IP Address for your Star Printer using Telnet on Windows

When the IP address of a device is Dynamic (DHCP), it can potentially change to a new IP address at regular intervals. This means that your computer or iPad will try to print to the wrong IP address and will therefore fail. Setting your printer's IP address to Static will mean that it will always stay the same; therefore you will not experience a print failure.

To learn how to set a Static IP address, follow the steps below:

1. Open Command Prompt on your PC by searching for cmd. If using a Mac, you will have to open Terminal and follow the same steps below.

2. Find the current IP address of the printer you want to print from.

3. We will be using the telnet feature to connect to the printer and change its setup. If the printer's IP address is, type telnet

4. If you get an error to say Telnet is not recognised, please follow the steps in this guide to enable it on the computer

5. You will be asked for a login and password, enter the logins below:

  • login: root.

  • password: public.

6. The next screen will open stating Hello root.

7. Select Option 1 - IP Parameters Configuration.

Here you will get the options to change:

  • Static IP address

  • Subnet Mask

  • Default Gateway

8. Select Static IP address. You should make sure that the IP address you enter is unique and the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway should be the same as your computer or iPad.

9. To check this, you can open a new Command Prompt window by searching for cmd and typing ipconfig. This will show you the IP info for your computer as below:

In this case, you could set the Printer's IP address to for example, as long as no other device on your network was using it.

Please note the above is just an example and is likely to be different to your local network.

10. When all desired settings are made, select 98 (Save and Restart) and then select option 2 (Save & Restart Device).

Once you have completed the steps above, your printer should now have a new Static IP address and will never change.

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