Switching Outlets in Vend

Switching Outlets on the Sell Screen

To switch to a different outlet on the Vend Sell Screen, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the register/outlet name in the top left of the Sell Screen and click Switch Register.

2. A screen will pop up allowing you to view your outlets and select which outlet to switch to:

How to switch outlets for more outlet information

You may filter and switch for outlets in many different parts of Vend when requiring more information. For example, your Sales History, Sales Ledger, and in your Reporting.

You can use the outlet filter which will allow you to filter any data on the page you're on, by outlet, without having to leave it.

The outlet filter box can be found above page information. In this example we are on the Sales History page. To view your outlets, click on More Filters, where the Outlet field will appear.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow will allow you to select an outlet of choice.

Once selected, the page data will filter accordingly.

Note: If the outlet filter is greyed out, this means you don't have the [right permissions to switch outlets]().

For more information on Outlets in Vend, check out our help articles here.

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