Merge Duplicate Customers

Latest update: - Sakshi Wadhwa

This article will show you how to merge the sales and customer information in the situation where your customer has been duplicated either accidentally or via an integration.

To merge the two customer records, you will need to edit the sales that have been associated with the incorrect customer. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. First, head to your Sales Ledger and find the incorrect sale.

2. Click Edit Sale.

3. Enter the correct Customer name. This will merge the information to the correct customer profile you wish to keep.

4. Click on Save.

5. You will have to repeat the steps 1 to 4 above for each of the incorrect sales. Once you have edited all of the affected sales and entered the correct customer, you will be able to delete the unwanted/duplicated customer.

Note: Moving sales from one customer to another will not adjust the loyalty. Once you have merged your customer to the correct sale, contact Support and provide us with the list of customers and the loyalty amount each customer is meant to have and we will adjust this for you.

Delete the duplicate customer

To delete the customer, follow the steps below:

1. Head to the Customers page and look up the customer name in the search bar. Click on Edit Customer.

2. On the customer information page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Delete Customer.

3. A warning message will pop up to confirm you want to delete the customer. Click OK and this will delete the customer permanently.

Final: You have now deleted the duplicated customer and your sale records will have the correct customer linked to the sale.

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