Including a Map of your Store's Location on your Vend Ecommerce Store

This article shows you how to include a map view of your physical store location on your Vend Ecommerce store. This information is usually included on the ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ page on your onlne store, but can be embedded into any page in your ecommerce store.

Follow the steps below to add an embedded map on a page of your choice:

1. Head to Google Maps and enter the address you would like to show up on the map.

2. Once the location has been found, click Share under the address bar.

3. When the share window pops up, click on Embed Map and choose the size you want the map to appear in, or enter in a custom size. In this example, we have chosen Medium.

4. Click on Copy HTML.

5. Next, go to the page you want to display the map in. You can find this by going to Vend Ecommerce --> Design --> Pages --> Choose page.

6. Paste the HTML link from google maps into the Page Content, where you would like the map to be placed.

7. Click on Done to save your changes. Don't be alarmed if it displays a sad face - it just can't show HTML code in that view.

8. Refresh your page on your website to check that it has worked correctly. You may also click on the Page Slug option for the page you have just edited to see how it looks on your online store.