Turning on the Vend-Xero Integration

Important: Once a Xero organisation is linked to your Vend account, it cannot be changed. You can remove a Xero organisation from Vend, but you cannot then link a different organisation to the same Vend account. This is because all past account sales, register closures, purchase orders, and customers in Vend will remain linked to the original Xero organisation you set up. If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team.

Connect to your Xero account

1. On the sidebar, select Setup and click Apps.

2. Click the Connect to Vend button for the Xero integration.

3. Click the Enable Xero button.

4. Enter your Xero login information and click Login.

5. Select the Xero organisation to match to your Vend store.

6. You'll be taken back to Xero settings page in Vend.

For more information on the Vend-Xero Integration, refer to these articles

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