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Adding and removing cash from the cash drawer

Throughout the day you may need to add or remove cash from the cash drawer. It's important to record cash movement to monitor for inaccurate counting or theft, and you can even leave a note to record the reason for the cash movement.

To add or remove cash, navigate to Sell > Cash Management. Here you will see options to Remove Cash, Add Cash, or to view any cash movement activity.


Cash out

You can use this option if you need to remove cash from your cash drawer for tip outs or safe drops. Click Remove cash and select Cash out


Petty cash out

Use this option if you need to use cash from the cash drawer for store expenses, such as cleaning products or stationary. Click Remove Cash and select Petty cash out. 


Cash in

This option allows you to track cash you add to your cash drawer, such as cash that is added to increase your float amount. Click Add Cash and select Cash in


Petty cash in

Select this option if you removed petty cash and now need to add it back to the cash drawer. Click Add cash and select Petty cash in


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