Tax Exclusive Store Set Up

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A tax-exclusive retailer is a retailer who displays prices for products without their tax component. If your store is in the USA or Canada, this will be you.

Your taxes in Vend can be set at two levels:

  • A default tax rate for each outlet. This may be a single tax rate (including no tax), or a grouped tax made up of more than one tax type.
  • A tax rate on an individual product for all outlets. This may be no tax, one tax, or a grouped tax made up of more than one tax type. This tax rate overrides the outlet and store defaults.

Important: Vend's tax model does NOT support manufacturer-issued coupons, which require tax to be calculated on the before-coupon-discount-applied price. Tax in Vend is calculated after the discount is applied.

Your taxes will need to be created before you apply them.

Creating an individual sales tax

1. To create a new tax rate navigate to Setup -> Sales Taxes and click on Add Sales Tax.


2. In the pop-up window, name your tax and type in the tax percentage 3. Save your tax. 

Complete this for each individual tax rate in your region.

Your store will also have a 'no-tax' 0% rate set. You cannot remove this.

Grouping tax rates together

Once you've created your individual sales taxes, you can group them to be applied to your store or products.


Remember, these will be itemised on your receipts.

To create a group tax:

  • Click on the New Tax Group button.
  • Name your group tax
  • Select the individual sales taxes from the drop down.
  • If more than two taxes are required, click Add another tax to access more drop-down boxes.

Complete this for all the tax groups you need to create. 

Apply your tax rates

Once you've set up all your required tax rates, you need to apply them to your store or products.

On the Taxes page, for each outlet listed in the Default Outlet Tax section. You will need set the default tax rate for sales and products for that outlet.

Click the Edit Outlet link next to each outlet to set the tax rate.

Important: The default tax will not apply to existing products. If you've already added products to your store, you'll need to update these.


Don't forget that you can apply a tax rate to a specific product to override these settings.

If you're a Xero user, remember to set up your taxes in Xero.