Set Up a New Price Book

To set up a new Price Book, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Catalog -> Price Books

2. Click Add Price Book.

3. Customise the settings for your price book:

  • Name - A recognisable name for your price book (like summer clearance sale, or VIP pricing)
  • Customer group - Who the pricing applies to. This can be all customers or a specific group of customers. To learn more about creating customer groups, click here.
  • Outlet - Which stores the pricing applies to. This can be all stores or a specific store. If you want the same pricing in 2 or more stores, but not in all stores, you'll need to create multiple price books. Check out the instructions on replicating price books below.
  • Valid from - the date you want your pricing/sale to start. Leave blank to start immediately.
  • Valid to - the date you want your sale/pricing to end. Your sale will run up to (but not including) this date. Leave it blank for an ongoing sale.

Final Step: You will need to add products to your price book. Follow the sections below to learn how to add products to your Price Book.

Adding products to your Price Book

There are three ways to add products:

  1. On Mac or PC - this is great for sales with a few products.
  2. On the iPad app - this is also great for sales with few products.
  3. Import a CSV spreadsheet - this is great for sales with a large amount of products
  4. Duplicate an existing price book - this helps you to run custom pricing for a number of stores, or different groups.

1. Adding products on Mac and PC

  • Once you have created your Price Book, select the Price Book you want to edit.
  • In the search bar, type the name or SKU of each product you want to add.
  • Find the correct product in the list that appears.
  • Click on the product and select Add.
  • Alternatively, scan the barcode of each product you want to add into the search field.

Each product will be added to your price book with its current supply price and retail price, as well as loyalty amount if you're using Vend's loyalty program.

Adjust the pricing

  • Increasing or decreasing the supply markup %
  • Apply a discount percentage
  • Use the yellow field at the top to apply the markup or discount change to all products on the page.
  • Manually altering the retail price.

Set the loyalty

  • If your product uses your loyalty ratio, the loyalty amount will adjust as you change the price of the product.
  • If your product has a custom loyalty amount, this will stay fixed.
  • You can switch from ratio to custom or vice versa. You may like to do this if you don't want to offer loyalty on sale items. Click the link below each loyalty value to change to fixed or to use the default.

Set quantities

  • Set minimum and maximum unit quantities - this enables you to restrict the number of items a customer can buy at a discounted rate or require a minimum amount purchased to receive the rate.

  • You can add the same product to your price book multiple times. For example, you could set one price for 0-2 products purchased, and one price for 3 or more purchased. 

Adding products on Vend on iPad

To add products to your Price Book on an iPad, follow the steps below:

1. Select Dashboard in the Menu bar. This will take you to the Web version of Vend.

2. Select Product -> Price Books.

3. Find the Price Book you wish to add products to, and follow the same steps above for adding products for Mac and PC.

2. Add products using a CSV import.

You can import products in bulk to create a price book. This enables you to:

  • Filter and export a product list from your Vend account, for example, all products from one supplier or brand.
  • Export a price book you've already made, and reimport it.

This is useful if you want to run the same, or similar sales, across some, but not all, of your stores.

Download the template here.

The fields on the CSV are:

  • Handle [Recommended*] - the product handle - must match an existing product in Vend
  • SKU [Mandatory] - the product SKU - must match an existing product in Vend
  • Retail_Price [Mandatory] - the final price for the product. You can also leave this as the current retail price, and update the discount using the price book discount fields. If you store is tax-exclusive, this is your before-tax price. If your store is tax-inclusive, this is your after-tax price.
  • Loyalty_value [Optional] - the loyalty value you'd like set for this product. Leave it blank to use your store's loyalty ratio. If you want $0.00, you must put a 0 in the field.
  • Min_units [Optional] - the minimum number of units the customer needs to purchase to get this price
  • Max_units [Optional] - the maximum number of units the customer can purchase to get this price

3. Duplicate an existing price book

To save time, you can duplicate any of your existing Price Books (including the General Price Book, which has all your products). This will create an identical copy of the Price Book. You can then edit the new Price Book to add or remove products and change the Price Book details like name, outlets, and dates.

Creating the copy

1. On the Price Books page, select the price book you wish to duplicate.

2. Click on the Duplicate Price Book button.

3. A warning message will pop up where you will be prompted to confirm the duplication request. While the price book is duplicating, it's very important that you don't change the original price book in any way. The duplication may take several minutes.

4. You will be returned to the main Price Books page. The new price book will show as Duplicating. You can refresh the page to check if the duplication has finished.

Editing the duplicated copy

Once the Price Book has been duplicated, you can click on the pencil to Edit it's details. You can:

  • Change the name
  • Change the customer group
  • Change the outlet
  • Change the dates
  • Import more items
  • Remove existing items
  • Adjust discount, markup, and other amounts.


Want to create a price book with all your products? Create a duplicate of your General price book, which is an up-to-date list of your current products.

For more information on Running sales with Price Books, check out this article.

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