Updating a Price Book

To edit an existing price book, open the Price Book you want to edit.

You can:

  • Click Edit Price Book to update the price book, by adding or removing products, or changing the pricing.
  • Complete a bulk update by exporting the price book and updating the spreadsheet.

When editing an exported spreadsheet to update an existing price book:

  • Keep the ID column. This ensures that we update the pricing on the correct product.
  • To ADD a new product, leave the ID field blank. We will create an ID for that product when you import it.
  • You cannot remove a product from a price book via CSV import.

Once you've finished editing the price book:

  • Save the changes.
  • Click the Edit Price Book button on the price book page in Vend.
  • Click the Choose File button, and select your updated price book CSV file.
  • Click the Save Price Book' button. Your price book will update.

For more information on Running sales with Price Books, check out this article.