Price Books and Vend Ecommerce

If you're using Vend Ecommerce, some of your price books will automatically apply to your online store, so you don't need to worry about setting up sales in more than one place.

How does ecommerce know which price to display?

If you have multiple price books active, we'll show the lowest available price for that time. This doesn't include price books with date ranges that haven't started or had already ended.

Which price books can you use for your ecommerce store?

Price books that only apply to a particular customer group or outlet cannot be enabled for Ecommerce.

If you enable Ecommerce on these price books, the pricing will switch to 'all customers' and 'all outlets' for both offline and online sales.

Do any features of price books not work for my ecommerce store?

  • Minimum and Maximum units are not supported. If you have tiered pricing in your store, the lowest price will apply. We don't recommend making these price books available in your ecommerce store.
  • Custom Loyalty Loyalty is not calculated on any ecommerce sales.
  • Customer Groups are not supported. This means you can't have VIP, warehouse, or staff pricing in your ecommerce store, for example. Don't enable these price books.
  • Outlet Restrictions are not fully supported - any price book you enable for ecommerce will have those prices available online, regardless of whether the price book outlet matches the outlet you've linked to the ecommerce store. This means that you could have in store sales for the linked outlet at one price, and ecommerce sales at another price.

For more information on Running sales with Price Books, check out this article.