Why Aren't My Shopify Sales Appearing in My Sales Ledger

Your Shopify orders should sync over to your Vend Sales Ledger a few minutes after they are completed. If this doesn't happen, or only some of your orders sync over, there a few things you will want to check to ensure your orders will sync over from Shopify into your Vend Sales Ledger.


When a Shopify sale syncs to Vend and if it has a shipping method linked to it this will be created in Vend along with the sale. This shipping product should not be deleted in Vend.

Vend Settings

In Vend, you will need to make sure your Shopify integration is set up correctly so that Vend will look to Shopify for new orders.

To check this, follow the steps below:

1. Head to Setup>Add-ons>Shopify. Click on the pencil icon.

2. Scroll down to Automatic Updates and make sure that the box next to Update Vend - when an order is received in Shopify is checked blue.

3. Go to Get Shopify Orders>Get New Shopify Orders to check if your orders will sync through now.

4. If this box is checked and you still do not see orders in your Sales Ledger, it may be that your orders are archived in Shopify.

Archived Orders in Shopify

Archiving is a setting in Shopify that can prevent Vend from finding your Shopify orders. To check whether your orders are archived in Shopify, follow the steps below:

1. Head into Shopify and click Orders. Select one of the orders that are not appearing in your Sales Ledger. Across the top of the order, you'll be able to see if it's archived, like this one below.

2. To unarchive the order, click More Actions and select Unarchive.

3. Now, head back into Vend and go to Setup -> Add-ons -> Shopify -> Get Shopify Orders -> Get New Shopify Orders. You should notice that your orders should appear in your Sales Ledger.