Products Not Added to Order Despite Auto-Fill from Re-Order Point

Latest update: - Agata

Sometimes products do not get automatically added to your order, despite having set re-order points.

This is most probably because you already have an open order created for those products which prevents a second order to be created. The auto-fill option will not work if the products are already a part of an open stock movement. The system prevents you from creating a duplicated order for products which may already be on their way to prevent you from receiving two of the same order by mistake.

When does this happen?

This happens when the system expects that the re-order points you want to include in a new order have already been accounted for in the already open order. The system will exclude the products from the auto-fill function as it anticipates that the stock level of those products will change and may go above the reorder point once the open order is filled.

How should I fix this?

The first thing you will need to check is if the products are a part of any Open Orders. To do this, head to your Stock Control page.

Once here, you will be able to Edit Products and add additional products to the current order (if needed) and hit Save.

Could this happen for another reason?

Another reason why a product would not be added to your order while using the auto-fill feature, is because of the supplier. If you assign a supplier to an order upon creation, only products registered with that particular supplier can be added to it.

How should I fix this?

If you’re creating an order with products from multiple suppliers, make sure to select Any from the Order from drop-down.

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