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Along with Vend's Loyalty feature, it is very common for retailers to issue physical Loyalty Cards to their customers. Issuing Loyalty Cards to your customers can serve as a visual reminder of your store's loyalty program, and can help incentivise your customers to make repeat purchases in your store.

Loyalty Cards can also save you time when making a sale, allowing you to identify your customer by scanning the barcode on the Loyalty Card and adding the customer to the sale quickly. The article below will talk you through how to set up Loyalty Cards in your store and how to use them when making a sale.

Before you get started

Before you start issuing your Loyalty Cards, you will need to enable the Loyalty feature in your Vend store and acquire some Loyalty cards to issue to your customers.

Turning on the Loyalty Feature

To activate Loyalty in your Vend store, head over to this article.

Once enabled, you will be able to offer your customers Loyalty for making purchases in your store.

Getting your Loyalty Cards

After you have enabled the feature, you will need to get your physical Loyalty Cards. You can purchase these from a loyalty card supplier or print out your own and assign a customer code to the card.

If you are looking for somewhere to supply physical loyalty cards, Vend has partnered with Plastic Printers where you will be able to get high-quality loyalty cards for your store. Head to Vend Gift Cards to order your physical Loyalty Cards and enter the promo code Vend11 during the online ordering process, and you will receive a special Vend discount of 11%.

Setting up the Loyalty Card

Now that you've enabled the Loyalty feature and received your physical Loyalty Cards, you will need to assign your customer's to the Loyalty Card to allow them to use the Loyalty card when making purchases in your store.

How to assign a new customer a loyalty card

Your Loyalty Card's will come pre-populated with barcodes that you will be able to scan. To assign a new customer to a Loyalty Card, you will have to add the Loyalty Card barcode to the Customer Code when creating a new customer profile.

You can add the customer code directly, either by scanning the loyalty card barcode or entering the barcode manually, when creating a new customer (and in order to see the Customer Code field, you can click on show more fields).

How to assign an existing customer a loyalty card

You will need to edit the existing customer code in your customer's profile to the barcode number of the loyalty card.

How to use the Loyalty Card in-store

The customer code in Vend is the unique identifier for each customer. As the barcode of the Loyalty Card has been entered as the customer code in Vend, you will be able to scan the card when on the Sell Screen, which will add the customer to the sale automatically.

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