Removing Store Credit

Latest update: - Olivia Petersen

There are several circumstances where you may need to remove store credit from your customers’ profile. For example, in situations where; it was accidentally given to your customers in a sale, or perhaps your store policy is to remove store credit after a certain period of time.

There are two ways to remove store credit from a customer’s balance. To learn how, follow the steps below:

1. Voiding the sale the store credit was issued in.

Voiding a sale to remove store credit is best for situations when it was issued by mistake, or the wrong amount was issued. Voiding the sale will remove the store credit from the customers balance, but, it will also return the inventory of any other products sold in the sale to your store and change sales and reporting data, therefore you will need to recreate the sale to have a record of the sale in your store.

You can void the sale using the Sales Ledger, and then recreate the sale, on the Sell Screen, by following the steps in this article.

2. Remove store credit by ‘spending’ it to remove it.

Spending the store credit is a way to remove the store credit without needing to make changes to a sale. It is also the only way to remove store credit that was issued manually, and so therefore doesn’t have a corresponding sale in Vend.

Follow the steps below to remove the store credit by spending it:

1. Create a product in your store called 'Store Credit Adjustment' or ‘Store Credit Removal’ or something else that will be easily identifiable to you for what it is. Give this product a 0.00 retail and supply price. To learn how to create a product, [check out this article.]()

2. Add the customer to the sale.

3. Add this product to the Sell Screen and edit the Price section to the amount of store credit you'd like to remove from the customer.

4. Complete the sale using the Store Credit button to spend the amount.

5. This will remove the store credit from your customer's balance and be recorded in their sales history. It will also be included in the transaction count for the day and other reports.