Xero Tax Type Code Error

Latest update: - Jack Harrison-Sherlock

If you have received a Tax Type Code error when processing invoices, this could be because your Vend tax rate for a product has been assigned a tax type in Xero (e.g. expense or income) that does not match the account code tax type. 

For example, if a product in Vend has the tax rate GST Excluded but the 200 account in Xero was GST on Income, you'll encounter this error. 

There are a couple of things you can check when you encounter this error: 

1. Check the tax settings for the account and ensure that the products that use the account code have the same tax setting. 

2. Export your Products into a CSV and cross-reference the account codes with the product taxes. If your 200 Account code is GST applicable, yet you have products which are assigned 200 that are No Tax this will result in the error.

3. As the product was sold but had an incorrect tax rate associated with it, you will need to temporarily change the account code associated with the product to match an account with the same tax setting that the product was sold with.

4. Once these have been posted to Xero with the affected register closures; you will be able to change the account code and tax rate back to the correct amount.  

If you need any extra help with this please sign in here to contact Vend Support and our Support Team will be able to assist you further.

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