How do I submit a ticket to Vend Support?

If you would like to submit a ticket to Vend Support, just click the "HELP" button in your account or on the Help Centre.

This article gives you some useful tips on how to submit a ticket to Vend Support in a way that will help us address your query in the best way possible! 

Although we are here to help you, there are specific details we need from you to be able to start troubleshooting the problem you are facing.

What do you need?

You need to know the details of the Vend account experiencing the problem, the details of the area in Vend where you are experiencing the problem and the type of device, hardware, and peripherals you have linked to Vend.

If you are submitting a ticket on behalf of someone having trouble, we suggest checking these details with them first!


When contacting us about a problem, please ensure your request contains the information below:

1. Your Vend store name.

2. The device you are using in the store that experiences the trouble. This will either be a Windows PC, Mac or iPad.

3. The software you are using to run Vend. This will either be Google Chrome, Safari or the Vend POS iPad App.


If you are using the Vend POS iPad App please check and submit the version number of the app as well. You can find this by tapping "Online" in the Vend POS App and viewing the Vend Register App Version.

4. If you are having hardware and peripheral problems, please include the type of hardware you are having a problem with. This could include:

  • Receipt Printer type and model
  • Scanner type and model
  • Labelwriter type and model
  • Cash drawer type and model
  • Payment processor type and model 

5. Examples from the problem area. This could include:

  • The Vend receipt number
  • The register closure sequence number
  • The supplier order number
  • The Vend Product SKU
  • Any other identifier of the problem area

6. If you have received an error message, please copy the exact message that appears or attach a screenshot of it.

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