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Applying Discounts When Making a Sale

Important: Retail POS's tax model does NOT support manufacturer-issued coupons, which require tax to be calculated on the before-coupon-discount-applied price. Tax in Retail POS is calculated after the discount is applied.

When processing a sale, sometimes, you may want to discount a product you have added to the sale or discount the entire sale. These two discount options will be discussed further below.

Note: If you have disallowed cashiers from providing discounts, this option will be blocked for cashiers using the Sell Screen.

Discounting a product

When processing a sale, you may need to discount a product you have added to the sale.

You can choose to discount a product by a percentage, or by reducing the unit price. This is called a 'line-item discount'.

To perform a line-item discount, click on a product in the sale. In the discount (%) field, type in the percentage you would like to discount by:

Alternatively, alter the unit price from the Price field.

When reports are run, these discounts are recorded and associated with each product.

Apply a discount to the entire sale

When processing a sale, you may want to discount the entire sale. This is often used for a staff discount, for example, or when you do not want to associate the discount with a particular product.

You can choose to apply:

  • A percentage discount.
  • An amount.

Follow the steps below to apply a discount to the entire sale:

  • Add all items to the sale.
  • At the bottom of the sale you will see the 'discount' option, here you can select a percentage discount or unit price discount.

If you apply a percentage discount, the discount will apply to all current and future line items in the sale. If you apply a dollar amount discount, then the discount total will remain the same even after you add new products.

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