Update Your Credit Card Details

Whether your current credit card on file has expired, been stolen, or you are selling your business, you will need to update your credit card details to ensure that you are able to make your monthly or annual payments for Vend. You can change these details at any time and if you update your credit card details after a payment has failed, Vend will automatically attempt to process the payment again.


Make sure that your credit card is able to accept international transactions as Vend is based in New Zealand.

Follow the steps below, to update your Credit Card details.

1. The Admin user for your store will have to login to the Vend account.

2. Head to Setup -> Billing -> Account.


3. Scroll down and click on Edit Card Details.

4. Type in your updated credit card details in the fields provided as shown in the screenshot below:

5. Once you have typed in the necessary details, click on Update Card Details.

Final: The credit card on file should now be updated and will prevent any issues with billing and helps avoid issues like you account going into dunning or getting cancelled!


If you have a credit card issued by a UK or EU bank, you may need to complete extra verification steps before your card details are updated.

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