How do I run a promotion/sale on Shopify?

Latest update: - Jack Harrison-Sherlock

Important: Vend Pricebooks and Vend Promotions are a Vend feature only. These do not sync across to Shopify.

The article below will talk you through how to show discounted products on your Shopify store by using Shopify's Compare at Price feature.

Vend will always send the final retail price to Shopify, and Shopify's Compare at Price feature allows you to display a price at a lower price, mainly for marketing purposes.

How does it work?

Whatever you have in Vend as the retail price will be visible online in your Shopify store as the actual retail price. Therefore, you will need to add a higher number in the compare at price to show the discounted price to your customers.

What this does is that the Compare at Price becomes the new retail price and the actual retail price (which in this case shouldn't be changed) becomes the discounted retail price.

For example, if we have a product that has an actual retail price of $20 but you want to show that it has been discounted to $15. Update the product in Vend to the discounted price.

You can then enter the original price as the compare at price on Shopify.

This will result in the product being displayed as discounted from $20 to the new retail price of $15.

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