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Receiving full orders in Retail POS (X-Series)

To receive a partial order, check out this article.

In Retail POS (X-Series), it's now possible to receive full stock orders of any size! We've also made it simpler for merchants to navigate the Receive stock page.


New features

  • Receive orders without a limitation on the number of SKUs in the order
  • The product details title bar is now fixed as you scroll through the list of products so it will always be in view


  • The product search bar is also now fixed at the bottom of the screen and will always be in view as you scroll through the list of products


  • When you search for a product that is already in the list, click on it in the search popup window, and it goes straight to that row
  • When you search for a product not in your order list, it takes you to the bottom of the list, where the new product is added

With these new features, your experience when receiving stock orders is easier than ever and can help you maintain an accurate inventory.


Merchants may notice slight delays in updates to their inventory levels when receiving orders of over 20,000 SKUs.

Receiving a full order

To receive a full order in Retail POS (X-Series), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Inventory > Stock control.
  2. In the Show drop-down, choose Sent orders. In the Outlet drop-down, pick one of your outlets or leave it as the default All outlets. You can also choose any of the filters provided to narrow your results. Then click Update.


  3. Select the order in the Number column, if you want to edit or view the order before receiving it. Or click Receive to the far right of the order row to receive the order now.


  4. On the Receive stock page, scroll down to the Products section and choose Receive all ordered products to receive the full order. (To receive a partial order, check out this article.)


  5. Click Receive at the top right.


  6. The confirmation window appears. Click Receive order to proceed. Please note that this cannot be undone.


  7. Then appears the message that your delivery order was successfully received.



Important: If you want to print barcodes for a received order, the number of labels will be determined from the received amount, not the amount ordered -  unless the received amount is 0 and in this case, it will revert to the ordered amount.

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