How To Order Stock

To learn how to order stock, follow the steps below:

1. Head to Products -> Stock Control.

2. Select Order Stock. This will direct you to the page New Purchase Order.

3. Select the supplier you are ordering stock from the Order form drop-down field.

4. Choose where you wish to have the stock delivered to by clicking on the Deliver to drop-down menu.

5. Choose a name /reference which will be used to identify this order.

6. Choose whether you wish to use the auto-fill from the reorder point (this was defined when the product was added). If you select this option, and your stock count on each product is the same or less than the reorder point set, the product will be automatically ordered (to the value of your reorder amount.) 

Note: The product will not be automatically reordered if it exists in another open or sent order for the same outlet.

7. Click on Save and you will be taken to the Edit Order page where you can start adding products to the order.

8. Add products by typing in the product name in the search box; Vend will bring up the product, and if there are several similar products, click on the correct one.

9. Enter the quantity of this product that you would like to order.

10. Click Add, this will create a line in this window showing the details of your order including the cost of the stock. Keep adding products until your order is complete.

Note: If you have set up or are using barcodes for your products, you can add your products by scanning your barcodes; ensure that you have selected the product search box before scanning.

11. Once complete, click Save to save your changes or Save and Send if you are ready to send it off to your supplier now.