Common Issues Preventing Register Closures from Posting to QuickBooks

Once you have set up your QuickBooks integration with Vend, you may have some issues that may prevent you from posting your register closures from Vend to QuickBooks. Below are some common issues and how to prevent them from occurring.

Common Issue 1

If you don't see any of your products or services in the drop-down in Vend, you will need to make sure you have created these under Sales -> Products and Services in QuickBooks.

If they are set up under any other section, such as Chart of Accounts, the options in the drop-down will not appear in your Vend-QuickBooks settings. You will only see Hours and Sales, as in the example below:

Once you have created your products and services correctly in QuickBooks, tap Reload QuickBooks Options and your items should now appear in the drop-down.

Common Issue 2

If the amount of refunds processed exceeds the total amount of payments for the day, your register closure will fail. Please contact our Support Team for assistance with this.

Common Issue 3

When creating your Products and Services, they must be set to either Services or Non-inventory.

Choosing any other type such as Inventory will prevent your closures from posting to QuickBooks, as Inventory is not synced between Vend and QuickBooks.

If you initially created items as Inventory it will not allow you to change it to Non-inventory. You will need to create new Non-inventory items and then map them into Vend. Your items in QuickBooks should look something like the example below:

Common Issue 4

Another reason for a closure not to post to QuickBooks is if you have the same name for a Product and Category in QuickBooks. Please ensure that you have unique names set up for all your Products and Categories in QuickBooks.