Redeeming Gift Cards

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Redeeming Gift Cards In-store

When a customer comes in to redeem their Gift Card, add their chosen products to the sale as you normally would on both Vend on Ipad and the Web Register.

Once the customer is happy with their selection, click pay. This will take you to the payment screen. To accept payment using a Gift Card, select the Gift Card Payment type.

This will prompt you to scan or input the gift card's unique code.

Tip: You can use this process to check the balance of a customer's gift card.

After the code has been successfully entered, you can click Pay with gift card to complete the sale.

Getting a message that says "Gift Card not Activated?" Try scanning the card again or entering it in manually and check that the code on the screen matches the one on the customer's card. If the error occurs again, then the gift card is not yet activated.

If a customer's sale total is greater than the balance on their gift card, you'll need to confirm the removal of their full balance and process the outstanding balance using another payment method.

Tip: If the customer only wants to spend part of their gift card, adjust the amount tendered balance in the payment screen before selecting the gift card payment type.

Redeeming Gift Cards on Vend Ecommerce

Your customers are also able to redeem their gift cards on your Vend Ecommerce site. To do this, you must first make sure you've setup and enabled the gift card payment method using the setup guide here.

For your customer to pay with gift cards in your Ecommerce store they will need to follow the steps below:

1. Once your customer picks their items and heads to the checkout screen they'll be asked to select a payment option. They'll need to pick Gift Card and proceed to the next step.

2. At the next step, they'll be asked to enter their Gift Card number to validate the gift card.

3. If the gift card number is valid and there is enough value on the gift card to pay for the order, the order value will be deducted from the gift card, and the customer will see a thank you page.

Note: If they have chosen the Gift Card payment method, your customers must pay for the sale in full with the gift card. If for example, they have a total basket size of $100, but their gift card is only $50, they will not be able to pay with their gift card.

If your customer's card number is not valid or they do not have enough on their gift card to pay for the order, they will be taken back to the Select Payment Method screen with error Your payment was declined.

For more information on Vend's Gift Card feature, check out this article.

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