Setting up your gift cards


If you integrate with Xero or QuickBooks Online, you must map the correct account code to your gift card payment type and your liabilities account in the Retail POS - Xero/QuickBooks Online mappings page. To learn how to do this for Xero, view this article here. To learn how to do this for QuickBooks Online, view this article here.

Before you start selling your gift cards, you need to enable the gift card feature in your Retail POS store and acquire physical gift cards to issue to your customers. 

Turning on the gift card feature

To activate gift cards head over to Catalog > Gift cards, and click the toggle next to Enable gift cards so that it displays a purple tick.



Only admin users may view this setup screen to enable Retail POS gift cards.

Once enabled, a product called "Gift Card" will be added to your store. A "Gift Card" payment option will also be added to the payment screen. This payment option will be used when a customer redeems their gift card.

Turning on gift card expiry

Navigate to Catalog > Gift cards and scroll to the Expiry section. Check the box next to Allow gift cards to expire. A Expires in section will appear with a text field and a drop-down menu to customize your gift card expiry dates. For steps on how to set this up, view this article here.


If you have a Xero or QuickBooks Online account connected to Retail POS, you will need to set up your store so that revenue posts to Xero or QuickBooks Online when gift cards expire. For information on this, view this article.

Getting your physical gift cards

After you've enabled the feature, you'll need to get your physical gift cards. You can purchase these from a gift card supplier or print your own with unique codes. We recommend you use code 128 barcodes with unique alphanumeric codes between 6-16 characters. We also highly recommend you use non-sequential codes. This will reduce risks associated with fake gift cards and prevent people from easily guessing the next sequence.

For more information on Retail POS's gift card feature, check out this article.

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