Troubleshooting your Star TSP 100 (143) LAN/Ethernet Printer on iPad

This guide provides instructions on how to troubleshoot your Star TSP100 LAN/Ethernet printer on your iPad. If you would like to learn how to set up your Star TSP100 LAN/Ethernet printer on your iPad, head to this article.

Once you have set up your Star TSP100 LAN/Ethernet printer, you may have some trouble with your set up. The instructions below will help you troubleshoot your printer to allow you to start printing receipts from your iPad.

Update the printer IP address

1. Log in to your Vend app on your iPad and click on the 3 line menu icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

2. Tap on Settings -> Hardware.

3. Tap on the printer that you have already installed.

4. Ensure that there is a printer name listed. If not type the name in.

5. Tap on the Find button to see if Vend is able to find the printer.

6. When the printer pops up with an IP address, select it and Save.

7. Try to print another receipt.

If you are still unable to print a receipt, we recommend that you check that your printer IP address is on the same subnet as your iPad. To do this, follow the steps below:

Get the printer IP address of the printer

1. Turn your printer off.

2. Hold the feed button down and turn your printer back on at the same time.

3. Release the feed button. This will print out two test receipts.

4. At the bottom of the second page, it will show Current IP Parameters Status.

Get the printer IP address of the iPad

  • Tap on the home button of the iPad to take you to the screen on the iPad where you see all your Apps.

  • Tap on Settings -> Wifi -> Tap on the Wifi network you are connected to.

  • Compare the 2 IP addresses and ensure that the 1st 3 sections are the same. Have a look at the example below:

First three sections are the same (i.e. same subnet):

First three sections are different (i.e. different subnet):

Note: There can be exceptions to this for more complicated networks. However, for 90% when there are different subnets, this means that the iPad and the Printer are not on the same network/subnet.

Additional things to check

1. If you have confirmed that the Printer and the iPad IP addresses are on a different network/subnet, check that the iPad is connected to the correct network. To do this, head to your network settings on your iPad, and make sure that it is the same as your printer.

If it is, contact your IT team or the people that set up your network to ensure that the printer and the iPad are on the same network.

2. If the IP address on the settings receipt says NONE, the printer is not connected to the internet. 

3. Ensure that the ethernet cable is plugged in, both on the printer end and on the router end. If it is plugged in, try to plug the ethernet cable into a different ethernet port on the router and check again whether the printer is getting an IP address.

4. If the issue still persists, Go to the iPad settings, select General, scroll down and tap Reset. Select Reset Network Settings and enter the password. Please have your WiFi network password handy to connect the iPad to the WiFi after reset.

If you continue to experience difficulties with your Star TSP100 LAN/Ethernet printer on your iPad, contact our Support Team who will be able to help you further.

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