Working with Truncated SKUs in Excel

Latest update: - Jack Harrison-Sherlock

Leading zeroes and truncated SKUs are a feature that's added automatically in Excel. This feature cannot be deactivated, but we can show you how to get around it.

If you export your Vend products to a CSV and open this CSV directly into Microsoft Excel, it can treat the SKU column as a number field and tries to remove the leading zero and 'truncate' the SKU, changing SKUs like 9401047853718 so that it looks like 9.40104E+18.

This will happen if you use a SKU format in Vend which is either long digit numbers, or numbers with a leading 0 (For example 0939861615364118).

If this happens, and you then save the file and import it back into Vend, your SKUs will be overwritten from 9401047853718 to 940104000000. Vend may treat this as a new SKU code, and add a duplicate or incorrect product into your store.

The easiest way to work with these types of SKU numbers is to edit CSV files in Open Office (a free alternative to MS Office), which does not truncate number fields. You can download Open Office here.

If you prefer to stay with Microsoft Excel, you can change the format of the SKU columns to numbers with 0 decimal places. Below is a short GIF demonstrating this process in Excel:

For more information on resolving common issues with SKU codes in Excel, click here.

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