General Settings in Vend Ecommerce

In your store's General Settings you can change your store status, update your store name and currency, edit your SEO settings and link your Google Analytics account. To find the General Settings navigate to the sidebar and click Settings -> General.

Change your store status

If you wish to hide your store temporarily or disable it, you can toggle its online status from the General Settings page. If you choose to switch your site to offline mode, you will be able to include a customised message for your customers that will display when they attempt to access your online store.

Note: This will only prevent customers from viewing your store and will not affect your ability to view your store and update its settings while logged into Ecommerce administration. If you wish to view the offline message or test the offline mode, you will need to be logged out of Ecommerce when you visit your online store.

When a customer views your store they will see a screen like this:

Change your associated register

When you first setup Vend Ecommerce, you can specify which of your Vend store's registers you'd like to post Ecommerce orders to. If you'd like to change this register, head Settings -> General in the sidebar and scroll down to the Associated Register section.

Once here, select your desired register from the dropdown list and click Save Changes.

Update store name and primary email

You can change your store name and store email under the Account section in General Settings. Changing the store name here will change the name that will be included in emails sent to your customers. If you want to change which email address your ecommerce store uses to email your customers, you can make the change here as well.

An email will also be sent to the email address you've specified here when orders are placed on your ecommerce store.

Update your store currency

You can change your store's currency under the localisation section in General Settings. This will change the currency prices are displayed in.

Search Engine Optimisation

Filling out the Home Page Title and Meta Description fields under Search Engine Optimisation Will help define how your store appears on search engines such as Google.

  • Home Page Title: This will be the name that displays on search results for your store.
  • Meta Description: This will be the description of your site that appears in search results for your store.

An example of how this will appear in search engines can be found under Search Engine Optimisation in the General Settings page.

  • Meta Keywords: Meta keywords help how your site is ranked in search results. If, for example, you ran a clothing store the keywords you'd likely use would be words such as "clothing", "brand labels" and "fashion".

Link your Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track the visitors to your store and generates reports that will help you with your marketing. If you already use Google Analytics, you can insert your Google Analytics ID into Vend Ecommerce by navigating to Settings -> General.

To retrieve your Google Analytics ID, you will need to sign in to your Google Analytics account and copy the code that looks like this: UA-1111111-1. If you have not set up Google Analytics or are after more information about how it works check out this link here.

Custom store address/URL

To set up a custom store address or link your existing website URL to your Vend Ecommerce store you'll need to contact your domain registrar (the people you bought your domain name from) and ask them to create a CNAME record which points to your Vend Ecommerce domain. To learn more about how to do this check out our help centre article on linking your domain name to Vend Ecommerce

For more information on Vend Ecommerce, check out this article.