How do I contact Vend Support?


The Vend global support teams are here to assist you 24/7! There are multiple ways to get in touch with your query, use the below methods to contact Support:

Help Center

The Vend Help Center is the hub of knowledge for all things Vend (and where you are reading this article right now).

You can use the search function to find the answer to any question you have regarding your Vend store.


However, if your question is a little more complicated and requires our team to assist, you can click the GET SUPPORT at the top of any Help Center page.


Chat in your Vend Store

You don't even have to leave your Vend store to get help with your queries! Simply click the Help button at the top right of your Vend store and use the Find an answer yourself to search for answers instantly.


If you can't find what you need, you can contact the support team by clicking Send us a message and telling us what it is you need assistance with.

Phone Support

For urgent issues that are preventing you from selling, you can call our support teams using the numbers below based on your location:

  • International +1 844 814-5410
  • Australia +1 800 983-639
  • Canada +1 844 814-5410
  • United States +1 844 814-5410
  • New Zealand 0800 836-347 (0800 VENDHQ)
  • United Kingdom 0800 133 7857

Phone support is available free of charge to all retailers on our Lite, Pro and Enterprise, and Lean, Standard and Advanced plans.

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