Receiving an Order in Vend Ecommerce

Orders will show in Vend Ecommerce as soon as the customer has paid for the item. They will also be created as a purchase in your Vend sales history (with a closed status), and appear in your Vend reporting at this stage.

When you receive an order, you'll get an email notification to the address you've set on your Ecommerce account.

Once you receive the email notification, you will need to follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Vend Ecommerce store admin panel.

2. Go to the orders page.

3. You'll see a list of orders. New orders will have a status of Confirmed.

4. Click on the order number.

5. You'll see the details of the order.

6. Collect the items for the order.

7. When you're ready to ship, click the Ship button.

8. Enter a tracking number for the shipment and any other shipping information (optional).

9. Click Ship Now.

10. Your order status will be updated to Shipped.

11. The customer will now receive an email notifying them you have shipped their order.

12. Send the item to your customer.

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