Customise Your Checkout in Vend Ecommerce

Latest update: - Admin

These settings determine how the screens look after the customer clicks Check Out.

There's a limited amount you can customise on this page.

  • Set your Logo: This needs to be an image URL (uploads are coming soon), but you can use the URL of the logo you set up as part of your theme.
    • Just navigate to
    • Right-click the logo image.
    • Choose Copy Image URL and paste that URL into here.
  • Background colour: This is the colour of the main part of your checkout page.
  • Navigation colour: This is the colour of the bar at the top of the page.
  • Button colour: The colour of the buttons used to move to the next step.

Click Update to make your settings live.

For more information on Vend Ecommerce, check out this article.

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