Categorising your Vend Ecommerce Products (Collections)

Collections are used to categorise your products. They're a great way to help your customers browse your store and find the perfect product to purchase.

You can create as many collections as you like. You can also have sub-collections, for example, a collection called 'Women's Clothes' with sub-collections for 'Dresses' and 'Tops'. Items can be in more than one collection - this can help increase the discoverability of a product.

For now, we'll just be creating the collection categories - you don't have to add all the products straight away (although you can if you want!)

Create a collection

By default, you'll have one collection already created called Frontpage. This is the collection that most themes use to display products on the front page of your store. Make sure you don't change the name of this collection.

  • In the menu bar, click Collections.

  • Click the Add Collection button. A new page will open.

  • Name the collection.

  • Describe the collection. If you're using the default collection, this won't be displayed. In the future, with custom templates, you could choose to show this.

  • At this point, you may also want to embed an image into your collection description. To do this, click on the image icon in the Description bar and search for the picture you'd like to add.

  • Next, select a parent collection (if any). You only need to do this if you want this collection to be part of another collection (like 'tops' being part of 'women's clothes' for example).

  • Click Done.

A notification will appear at the top of the screen prompting you to add products to your new collection. You can do this now, or wait until you've set up your store layout.

Delete a collection

When you don't want to use a collection anymore, you can delete it. This does not delete any of the products in the collection - instead, it just removes the collection grouping.

Important: If the collection is linked in your navigation, you'll need to remove this, as it will not be automatically updated.

To delete a collection:

  • In the menu bar, click Collections.
  • Find the collection in the list
  • Either:
    • Tick the box(es) next to the name(s) and use the drop-down to select Delete Collections, or
    • Click the name, and select Delete.

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