Editing Sales Using the Vend Sales Ledger

Sometimes, you may need to add a customer to a sale or fill out some extra details after the sale has been processed. The Edit Sale function allows you to add a customer or note to a sale after the sale was created.

The following transaction types can be edited in Vend:

  • Closed Sales
  • Layby Sales
  • Parked Sales
  • Returns
  • Parked Returns

To edit a sale on the Sales Ledger, first, click on the sale you wish to edit, which will expand, showing you more information about the sale.

Next, click the Edit Sale button on the right-hand side of your screen.

This will open the Edit Sale page, where you can add the customer or note to the sale.

Note: You can add a customer to a sale on this screen if you forgot to add them at the time the sale was processed. However, you cannot remove a customer from a sale.


Click Save to apply any changes you have made.

Note: Although additional editing features exist on this screen, we do not recommend using these features unless it is absolutely necessary. By altering sales parameters, such as changing the sale date or time, your daily register closure totals, reports, and related sales reports may adversely be affected.

For more information about the Vend Sales Ledger, check out this article.

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