Removing a Payment on a Sale Using the Vend Sales Ledger

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Important: By reapplying the payment to a sale you are essentially reprocessing the sale. Because of this, the stock will be removed again. Before making edits to the payments, be sure to make a note of the current inventory levels of the products involved in these sales. Once you have reapplied the payment, make sure to readjust the stock level of the products involved in the sale.

If a payment has been incorrectly applied to a sale, or the incorrect payment amount has been processed, this will need to be corrected. If this happens, you can edit the payment to correct the payment error.

Deleting, adding, and editing payment details can be processed against the following transaction types:

  • Voided Returns
  • Voided Sales
  • On Account Sales
  • Closed Sales
  • Parked Sales
  • Returns
  • Parked Returns
  • Laybys

Removing an applied payment from a transaction changes the status from ‘Closed’ to ‘Parked’. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this.

1. Expand the sale and make a note of the payment details (including time and date).

2. Click on the red 'X' icon next to the payment entry.

3. A screen will pop up asking whether you are sure whether to remove the payment. Click OK.

4. This will take you back to the record of your sale where you will notice that the payment type has been deleted. Next, click Apply Payment/Refund.

5. In this screen, complete and edit the payment information as required, and click Save when complete.

Important: If you are are changing the date of payment against a sale on this screen, please ensure it is correct before saving. If you enter a different date, this payment amount may fall under a different register closure.

For more information about the Vend Sales Ledger, check out this article.

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