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Signing Your Customer up for Loyalty

Signup Portal

All new customers will have a message on their receipt inviting them to register their details for your Loyalty program.

Each message will have a custom-URL, valid for one week. This will take the customer to a signup portal for your store, where they can fill in their details.

In some instances, existing customers will also see this message. This includes:

  • Existing customers you do not have an email address for
  • Existing customers, you do have an email address for if you do not have email notifications turned on.

Bonus Loyalty

To encourage customers to fill in their details, you can choose to offer a joining bonus or Bonus Loyalty for filling in the form. This can only be claimed once per customer.

To turn on Bonus Loyalty follow the steps below:

Step 1

Tick the box to enable the bonus Loyalty reward.

Step 2

Choose the amount you would like to reward the customer

Welcome Email

You can also choose to send your customers a welcome email inviting the customer to join your Loyalty program. The welcome email will also provide your customer with a link to your online portal. If you have chosen to provide Bonus Loyalty, these customers will also receive this.

This email will be sent to:

  • Existing customers whose email address you already have, when they make their first purchase after you enable Loyalty.
  • New customers added in the Retail POS sell screen at the time of purchase if you also add their email address and opt them into Loyalty.

To turn on welcome emails, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click on the box next to Send welcome email to check it.

Step 2

Personalise the email content in the text edit box. You can preview your changes by clicking the Preview Email link.

Step 3

Finally, save your settings to turn your Loyalty program on.

If you would like more information on Retail POS's Loyalty feature, check out this article.

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