Use Price Books To Get More Out of Your Loyalty

If you are not familiar with Vend's price book feature, check out the article here.

With Loyalty, you can use price books to offer special Loyalty-based promotions, like bonus Loyalty amounts, rather than discounted products.

You can also control how Loyalty applies for products that use price book pricing. For example, if you have special prices for wholesalers or staff, you can set the Loyalty amount on products in those price books to zero.

The price book page walks you through how to set up your price books. Some suggestions:

  • Run a Loyalty promotion, rather than a discount sale: Add products to your price book, leave the price the same, but change the Loyalty amounts to offer 50% extra Loyalty on those purchases.

  • Remove Loyalty from staff sales: Staff will often receive discounted rates. In your staff price book, apply the discount, but also set the Loyalty to zero, so your staff don't get double benefits.

  • Remove Loyalty from wholesale rates: Offering wholesale rates is great for business, but less so if you're giving them Loyalty too. In your wholesale price book, set Loyalty amounts to zero.

If you would like more information on Vend's Loyalty feature, check out this article.