Using Loyalty with Shopify

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There are several limitations to using Shopify and Vend Loyalty together. If your Shopify store is a major sales channel, we do not recommend using Vend Loyalty and Shopify at the same time.

If your Shopify store is only a minor sales channel, you may still wish to use both features. Make sure you read the limitations below before deciding to use Shopify and Vend Loyalty together.

Welcome Email

  • Customers who make their first purchase through your Shopify store will receive a welcome email for your loyalty program.

Earning Loyalty

  • Loyalty is only accrued on products with a Custom Loyalty amount set. Those using the default loyalty ratio will not accrue loyalty.

Redeeming Loyalty

  • Loyalty cannot be redeemed via Shopify and can only be redeemed in-store.