Adding New Products to Shopify

How do I do it?

1. Create the product in Vend.

2. Publish the product to your Shopify store. You can click on a specific product in the products page and click Publish to Shopify:


You can also find the product in your product list and click Sell on Shopify.


3. Add images and other details needed for online sales, such as weight, in your Shopify store.

Photos in Vend in Shopify

The first time you publish a product to Shopify, we'll also publish the main photo in Vend for that product.


  • Shopify will only pull across the main photo of a product from Vend. If you have any additional pictures attached to any of your Vend products these will need to be added to Shopify manually.

  • If you update or add a photo to a product that is already published, this will NOT update Shopify.


Photos in Vend are small sizes, so most customers prefer to add a high-quality photo in Shopify.

Composite products in Shopify

Composite products will show as an individual product in Shopify, with the information matched to the composite product in Vend, rather than the component items. Sales of a composite product in Shopify will still update the inventory of those items in Vend.


Shopify does not support fractional inventory levels on products.

Variant product in Shopify

Variant products will display as a single item in Shopify, with drop-down menus to select your different variant options on the product's page. This means that you won't be able to display each item in your Shopify store separately. If a product is set up as a variant in Vend, all versions of the variant will be sent to Shopify. You cannot publish a selection of the versions of the variant to your Shopify store.

If you want to display each item individually, you'll need to set them up as separate items in your Vend store.

What product information is sent to Shopify from Vend, and what fields are they displayed in?

Vend Shopify
Name Title, Page Title
Description Description, Meta Description
Type Type
Supplier or Brand Vendor
Tags Tags
Variant Name Variant Name
Variant Option Variant Option
Stock Tracking Off - N/A, On - On, product only sold when inventory > 0.

Now that your products have been added to your Shopify store, for more information on how to add or adjust your Shopify inventory, click here.