Exporting your Reporting data from Vend

While reports can be viewed on Vend at any time you may wish to customise, merge or manipulate this data by exporting it onto a spreadsheet.

To export your reporting data, head to the Reporting tab on the left and select the type of report you wish to export.


Once here, you can specify the Reporting Type, Measure and Date Range for the reporting data you wish to report. You can also click the More Filters button to narrow your selection by keyword.


Once you are happy with the data shown displayed, click Export Report


You can then choose to download the report as a XLSX or CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet application such as Excel or OpenOffice

Below are a couple of suggestions on how to make the most of Vend Reporting's Export Report tool:

Comparing and Merging Reports

Comparing reports is easy when using the Export Report tool. Not only will you be able to look at multiple exported reports side by side but also merge these reports to benchmark their values against one another.

Keeping a Running Record of your Stock on Hand

While Vend Reporting does cater for historical inventory records, you may still want to keep a regular record of your stock on hand over a certain period. By frequently exporting Inventory on Hand reports you will be able to maintain a running record of your inventory levels.

Creating Customised Graphs

You can also look into using this exported data to create your graphs in your spreadsheet application.

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