How to edit a product in Vend

To edit a product individually into Vend, navigate to the Products -> Products on the sidebar and click the edit pen to the right of the product.

Once here, you can edit all the relevant information for this product.

General Product Information:

Important: You should avoid using commas in fields wherever possible. Do not put commas in your product name or product handle.

Product Name: This will be the name that appears in your reports, inventory management and on the sell screen.

Brand: To add a new brand or supplier, click the button 'Add Brand' or 'Add Supplier' and complete the fields. If you are ordering your product from multiple suppliers, leave the supplier field blank.

Description: Edit the description of your product. This could be adding or removing details of the product, key selling points for your staff or care instructions for fragile items.

Tags: Tags can be reported by using the 'Sales by Tag' report and be used to define more precise characteristics of a product. When editing a product you can add more tags by typing into this field or remove a tag by clicking the small 'x' next to the tab's name.

Product Type: Here, you can change the "Type" of this product. Be careful when editing this as only one product type can be assigned per product. Reports can also be filtered by type and changing this may impact where this product appears in your reports.

Images: To add more images to your product, drag them onto the add product window. Alternatively, you can click the browse button to search your computer for images. To remove images of this product, drag and drop the image outside of the upload area.


Here, you can edit the product's inventory type, supplier details, current stock and reorder points.

SKU or Barcodes: If the SKU or barcode number for this product has changed, you can edit it here.

Supplier Details: Here, you can edit the Supplier, Supplier Code and Supply Price for this product.

Editing Quantities (Inventory Levels)

If you would like to edit your inventory levels from the Edit Product page, make sure that Track Inventory for this product is ticked, and if you hold Admin user access, you will be able to edit your product levels here.

Note: We do not recommend editing your current inventory levels on the Edit Product page as inventory should be added or removed through a stock order for your reporting purposes.

Tip: If you do not see the Current Inventory field on your Edit Product page, check your User permissions and make sure that you have Admin access. Managers and cashiers will only have permission to edit the product but not inventory levels.


If you would like to edit which tax types are applied to this product, you can use the drop-down in the Tax section.

Price and Loyalty

1. Edit the final retail price for this product. The new supply price, markup and tax will be applied automatically.

2. If you use Vend loyalty in your store, you can choose to enable or disable it for this product here:

Delete single product

To delete a single product, click on the product itself and select Delete Product.

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