Activating your Vend Account

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I am ready to activate my account:

Awesome! If you have made any trial sales before activating your account, you may want to delete these.

Contact our Support Team for assistance completing this by signing in here and clicking Contact Us. We can make sure you don't delete the wrong things accidentally.

If you're ready, open the Setup menu, and click Billing. The account level that best suits your data will be automatically highlighted.

All you need to do is choose whether you'd like to be billed annually, or each month. Then, fill in your credit card details, and hit Activate your account.

When can I expect to be billed (the Vend Billing Cycle)?

A billing cycle is a 30-day interval at which Vend invoices your plan's fees. You will be billed immediately on activation and then on the same day of the month that you activated your account unless changes to your base plan cause this billing date to change or you extend your billing cycle to the longer annual interval to earn a discount. In the case of an Annual frequency you will be billed again, every 12 months, following activation (unless changes to your account shift this billing date).

Vend bills in advance. This means that the invoice you pay each month (or year) covers the following month rather than the previous one.

A different billing cycle may apply to app subscriptions which might not always match the billing date of your Vend subscription billing cycle. If you ever put your account on hold or close your store, make sure you cancel your app subscriptions as well to avoid additional future charges.

Important: Please note that Vend’s subscription fees are non-refundable. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.