Sell Screen Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac and PC

Latest update: - Admin

You can now make use of keyboard shortcuts in Vend for Mac or PC to speed up your sales process or more quickly navigate to the Sales History and Open/Close Register screens. For more information on these keyboard shortcuts, read on below:

When a sale is open on the sell screen

  • F4 - This will take you straight to the payment screen. Clicking F4 is an equivilant action to clicking the Pay button at the foot of the sale.

  • F5 - This will Park the current sale. If you have the Ask for a note option enabled in your register settings, you will be prompted to add a note before the sale is parked.

Note: You can not park retrieved layby or on account sales.

*From anywhere on the Sell tab*

  • F6 - This will take you to the Sales History page (If your register is online.)

  • F7 - This will take you to the Open / Close Register screen (If your register is online.)

  • CMD + E - This shortcut will manually open the cash drawer.

Note: If you are using a PC to run Vend, you will need to click CTRL + E instead.