How to Process Inventory Counts on iPad

Inventory counts are not available on the dedicated Vend iPad app. To conduct an inventory count on an iPad, you must log in to your Vend store using the internet web browser on your iPad, Safari. Vend in Safari must only be used on an iPad when conducting inventory counts. You may use our dedicated iPad app for all other functions in Vend, including the Sell Screen.

Important: Other web browsers on iPad, such as Chrome, will not work with Vend's Inventory Count feature.

To learn how to conduct an inventory count on an iPad, follow the steps below:

1. On your iPad, tap on the Safari app.

2. In the top URL bar in Safari, enter your Vend Store URL and login into your store (your Vend Store URL is your store address you use to log into the Vend iPad app, followed by "").

3. Your store will load, and you may see a pop-up box appear prompting you to download the app. You do not need to tap on the Download Vend App button.

4. Tap on the Menu button on the top left of the page, to find the inventory count page.

5. In the side navigation menu choose Products -> Stock Control. This will take you to the Stock Control screen.

6. Once here, tap the Inventory Count button.

You can now go ahead and process an Inventory Count as normal. If you have not done an Inventory Count in Vend before, be sure to check out the steps at this link to learn how.

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