Setting User Roles and Permissions in Vend

Users are the individual accounts associated with your staff members. Each has specific permissions that allow them to undertake task specific to their user role. There are three User roles in Vend:


The cashier is a great user level to assign to your non-management staff. They are able to do tasks such process sales, transfer stock and close off the register, but are restricted from management functions such as adding and editing products, or access reporting.


The Manager user level represents management staff. The Manager user is able to do everything a cashier can, as well as having access to their assigned store's reporting, and the ability to add/edit products if required.


The Admin user level is intended for the store owner or the head office account. As an Admin user, you will have full access to view and change all stores within the Vend account. If you'd like more than one person to have full permissions, multiple Admin users can be created.


If you are interested in creating custom user roles, you can learn more about that by clicking here. This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan.

To review and edit permissions enabled for each of your user roles, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Setup in the side menu and choose Users.

2. Locate the Roles tab along the top of the user page.

3. On the roles page you will see your three user roles; Cashier, Manager and Admin. Click on one of these role names to view their permissions.

4. When you click on a role name you will see a list of permissions for this role. Depending on your pricing plan the role will have editable or pre-set permissions. Permissions are defined with a tick or a cross, a tick giving the role access to an action and across denying them access.


If you are on an Advanced or Multi-Outlet (or our latest Pro and Enterprise) plans, you will also be able to customise these permissions. To learn more about this click here.

For the cashier role, you will also have the option to enable or disable the returns and discounting features manually. If you want to customise any of the other permissions, you will need to make sure you are on an Advanced or Multi-Outlet (or our latest Pro or Enterprise) plan.

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